Meet The Band

What gives GrooveQuest an overall unique crowd-pleasing presentation and sound is a combined blend of

**artfully chosen musical selections
**talented musical personalities
**the upbeat spirit in which all is done!

The GrooveQuest song selection, itself, is so carefully chosen to be vibrantly alive, rhythmically enriched, and abundantly soulful that it encourages the musicians to creatively stretch out and spontaneously express the musical passions from within their hearts, to the benefit of all present.

The GrooveQuest band members [gentle human spirits/talented team players all!] support one another in interactive, harmonious, authentic, impassioned musical self expression.

GrooveQuest's foundation is its signature groove, which is the result of the dedicated teamwork and enthusiastic team spirit of Drum and Bass "Groove Team"--
Shufflemonster & Groovestress.
The GrooveQuest groove is strong, warm, happy, lively, communicative, supportive, reverently respectful, interactive, highly exuberant, danceable, and inspirational to band and audience alike.

The overall effect of a GrooveQuest performance, on an audience, is a contagious, highly-charged shared feeling of pure joyousness!

So with no further adieu, let's meet the band members: The Core Four

Shufflemonster is GrooveQuest's leader and drummer. His long and varied music career includes performing as the house drummer at the DC Gaity Burlesque Theater in the 60s, a year of drumming with Roy Buchannan at Rand's Rock and Roll Club, two years with the Richmond Symphony, and a cross-country tour with Little Egypt, a belly dancer, that included a spot on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson.

Steve O'Brien, your vocal servant, born and blessed with a natural rich singing voice and a musical ear, Steve is virtually infatuated with blues, R&B, soul, and gospel music; its founders, proponents, and overall culture. He is continually expanding his repertoire and stylistic technique. He is ever striving to communicate the spiritual message via the live band to audience format.

Lisa "Groovestress" O'Brien, bassist, possesses a natural solid rhythm timekeeping sense and offers driving danceable grooves coupled with a naturally supportive team player approach and mixed with an extraordinary stage presence filling band stand and venue with a radiant karmic glow.

Al Steele is a guitarist of uncommon depth and breadth. He is proficient and comfortable playing electric solid body, hollow body (jazz), and acoustic guitars, and (recently) banjo. Alís performance experience covers an unusually broad variety of musical genres. He has played bluegrass, country, blues, rock and roll, R&B, reggae, traditional jazz, and fusion in various Pittsburgh and D.C. based bands over the years. Through recent exposure with the eclectic Black Hand band, Al has been listed as one of the Top Ten Best post-80ís guitar players on Eight Track Mind.net.

"It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing"

GrooveQuest is primarily a 5-piece band with a core of four steady, designated players and a fifth "swing position," typically a keyboard, sometimes a sax and/or a second guitar depending on gig requirements/budget. It should be noted that these players are much more than just competent/contributive freelance subs. They are a hand-picked compatible, trained, talent pool/friends of GrooveQuest.

Dave Johnson, keyboard player and vocalist, was playing drums professionally by age 12. After switching to keyboard and electric guitar, he toured up and down the east coast as a member of various bands including Pegasus. Dave has contributed vocals, keyboards, and guitars to recordings and CDís produced by other local artists. He is also an avid songwriter and has recorded over 40 songs.

Bill Thomas is a blues singer, songwriter, and guitar virtuoso extraordinaire--in the tradition of Jimi Hendrix and Roy Buchannan (with whom he shared a house for two years). †Bill Thomas has spent the last 20 years in Europe as a full time touring, professional, bandleader/musician/troubadour.

Mike Reardon is a veteran of the local roots/oldies scene. He plays keyboard, guitar, and sing lead and backups. He is extremely dynamic, versatile, and a real crowd pleaser.

Pam Donaldson is a keyboard player with an an exceptionally beautiful voice and has peformed in a number of roots and country bands. She draws from a wide variety of songs and styles and brings a special charm and grace to the stage.

The GrooveQuest band slogan, motto, and mojo

GrooveQuest is
From the heart
From the soul
Essential spirit of rock&roll!
Through the groove
TO YOU ---
See Hear Experience GrooveQuest Live. Your endorphines will thank you for it :-)